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“Hopenheart” community outreach volunteers performing at Daphne Health and Rehab: Perry Moran, Rhonda Huete, Scotty Wig, Bree Parker, David Holloway

The band’s founding members started out playing music together for special needs groups in their community.  The desire to elevate, comfort, and heal through music carries into Gravity Blinks’ original songs as they write and play with a collective intent to inspire people of all backgrounds to live fully: connected, open, embracing love and peaceful acceptance.  Their early outreach has expanded into a community of musicians who volunteer to perform regularly at local nursing homes and rehab centers.

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Gravity Blinks – Jack, Rhonda, Kristen, and Scotty – playing at Satori Coffeehouse in Mobile, AL

Jack Rodenbaugh and Scotty Wig joined Gravity Blinks on bass and lead guitar/vocals in the fall of 2018.  The band is currently recording their first full album, a collection of eight original songs that explore the complexities of relationships – falling in love, keeping love alive, friendship, addiction, loss, personal truth, renewing faith, and more, aptly titled “Falling”.  Two advance singles, “Dance of Our Lives” and “Let Me Be You”, were released in 2019 and are available for streaming or download through most online stores.

Julep Room band
Gravity Blinks at the historic The Julep Room in Ocean Springs, MS

Gravity Blinks performs live in the gulf coast region of the southern United States, from New Orleans, LA to the panhandle of Florida.  They enjoy connecting with other musicians and music fans as they play in a wide range of venues, from underground clubs to upscale restaurants as well as festivals and special events.   In addition to their original music, they cover popular rock and folk songs made famous by great artists from the 70’s to contemporary.   Check out the “Set List – Covers” tab for a list some of the songs they perform.

Listen to Gravity Blinks on on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube. Gravity Blinks music is also available for purchase through online retailers, including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more.

Gravity Blinks has aired and is in rotation on both broadcast and internet radio stations, is included in a variety of Spotify playlists, and has been featured in podcasts and interviews from Connecticut to Australia.  The band welcomes opportunities to collaborate with broadcasters, curators, and bloggers around the world.

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“I can’t get it out of my head … it grabbed me when I heard this song … the song that I love so much, Fire Inside … And everything else that Gravity Blinks had out there (on iTunes) they’re all great … every single song is great”.     – KBJB Radio The Rock Show Ep 16


“This group is amazing! Smooth sounds, easy to listen to no matter what they’re playing or where! Rhonda Huete has got it going on with Gravity Blinks! Make a point to attend wherever they are performing. You won’t be dissappointed!” – Cindy Nicholson, The Pigeon Hole Restaurant, Daphne, AL

“Aside from her kindness, there is remarkable talent behind Rhonda and her band which consists of her daughter Kristen, her husband Chip, Scotty Wig, and Jack Rodenbaugh.”  – Holly Nicole Combs – Unicorn Cyclist Blog

“We have the artist of the week, it’s Rhonda Huete! (Gravity Blinks)” –Zeljko Stanojkovski – 2/4/2018

“This band reminds me of No Doubt & a little bit of Paramore. nice work! Good songwriting, singing & instruments.”  – Audiozoo

“So good in so many ways!” – Atom Collector Records

“Such a strong song (Rise) … in a parallel universe you`re a platinum seller.” – Submarine Broadcasting Company

“Fabulous, classic progressive rock!” – WUD Records

“Gravity Blinks helped us host Jagmedia Fest 2019! They are easy to work with and so fun to have on stage! 5 STARS” –  Cat Grizzle, 97.1 The Prowl, Univ of South Alabama