Original Tunes

Hear and Purchase Original Music by Gravity Blinks Here!
We have been busy in the studio recording our first album and will post links to our music here as it is released.  Listen, buy it if you like it, and please be sure to share it if you love it!


Here is Fire Inside, featuring Chip Huete
Fire Inside Art

Link to Fire Inside in iTunes

Link to Fire Inside on Google Play

Link to Fire Inside on Spotify

Last release of 2016, here is Lines (Can’t Get Your Thoughts out of My Head)

Link to Lines in iTuneslinessingleart

Link to Lines in Google Play

Link to Lines in Spotify


Here are the links to listen to and purchase our single, Peace:

Link to Peace in iTunespeace-art

Link to Peace in Google Play

Link to Peace in Spotify



Links to listen and purchase Words Fail are here:
Words Fail single art

Link to Words Fail in Google Play

Link to Words Fail in iTunes

LInk to Words Fail in Spotify

Link to Words Fail in Amazon store

Lyrics to Words Fail

Our debut single, White Dove,  is now available in these stores online

iTunes link – White Dove

Spotify link – White Dove

Google Play – White Dove

Amazon link – White Dove

Lyrics to White Dove