The Band


       Rhonda Huete


Rhonda writes the songs, sings, and plays rhythm guitar for Gravity Blinks, as well as managing and booking the band. 
She founded a volunteer music outreach program in her community called HopenHeart after experiencing the magic of performing for a local nursing home with Kristen.
Rhonda also performs solo and in acoustic duo/trio ensembles for more intimate venues and private events.

   Kristen Huete


Kristen is a talented young musician with an uncanny knack for percussion, and can be seen playing cajon or drums in collaborations around town in addition to rocking the drum kit for Gravity Blinks.  She also sings backing vocals and collaborates on songwriting.
She is a songwriter in her own right and a multi-instrumentalist.  Kristen is a Computer Software Engineer by day.

     Scott WigleyScotty Wig

Scotty had a career as a registered nurse and has been playing guitar for twenty-five years in various bands, primarily in the Gulf Coast region.  He loves to collect vinyl records and enjoys art of all kinds. 
He plays lead acoustic and electric guitar as well as mandolin and sings with the band.  He particularly enjoys singing harmonies and also collaborates on songwriting.

  Jack RodenbaughJack recording

Jack likes tacos, long walks on the beach with his dogs, and music.
He plays bass.


    Thomas Fincher

After picking up a guitar at age 14, Thomas played non-stop until serving a tour in the Air Force.  He manages his family’s power-washing business and has resumed his passion for guitar.  His influences include Jimi Hendrix, BB King, and Led Zeppelin.
Thomas is a good friend of the band and sits in from time to time sharing some tasty riffs.



Gulf Coast band blending their smooth 70's retro rock vibe with a modern spin